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Transition Projects

Cultivate Farms excels in carrying forward the intrinsic value of a property from one owner to the next. Landmark properties are integral to the history of their region; holding memories of residents and occupying a unique space in the story of place.

Our sensitivity, combined with our expertise in business management, agriculture and agronomy ensures that iconic properties retain their value and sense of place through times of change. Our team works closely with owners and stakeholders to uncover the merits that are unique to the property, and we carry these values to the new owners. The lessons of the past are applied to the methods of the future.

We work with retiring and outgoing farm owners to understand the qualities that combine to make the property exceptional. With advanced knowledge of farm management, we merge these qualities to coach incoming farmers so they can maximise the productive, social and environmental benefits of a property.

Understanding the unique values of a farm, and how it relates to the land and people surrounding it, makes Cultivate Farms a trusted choice for property transition.