Our Story

Cultivate Farms was founded in 2016 and born of a dream from real farmers to own their own farms. Our founders have walked your path. They didn’t inherit farms, but the desire to farm their own ‘patch of dirt’ runs deep. Now, as farm owners, our founders want to be sure that their legacy lives on in the next generation of farmers.

Working with regional Australians, farmers and experts in finance and law, Cultivate Farms has created pathways to farm ownership for aspiring farm owners, and frameworks for current farm owners to age on their farm and create a legacy of their work for their successors.

We are scouring Australia to find dream farms and farm opportunities for energetic farming families. We work with community leaders to assist ageing farmers to live their retirement on the land that houses their life work. And we aim for values-matched farm transition from retiring to aspiring farm owners that bring great outcomes for people, farm and community.

Cultivate Farms is a membership based social enterprise, we exist for the benefit of our members and direct profits to improving regional Australian communities.

Our vision of ‘Rejuvenating Regional Communities’ informs every action that we take. We aim to rejuvenate through connectedness of people, land and community.