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Cultivate Communities

Farm Readiness Training

A series of workshop to help young farmer develop a farm plan, a farm ownership pathway and put together a ‘pitch’ to potential investors and backers. In this supportive learning environment, young farmers identify and approach established farmers in the area to that match their needs.

Farm Matching

We work within your community to identify aspiring and outgoing farmer that share similar needs and values, and make introductions between these parties. Cultivate Farms facilitates working agreements between farmers based on land ownership, shared profits and division of labour. These agreements are monitored by Cultivate Farms for one year to ensure workability and mutual benefit.

Next Gen Regen

The most ambitious of Cultivate Communities programs, Next Gen Regen involves the establishment of a unit trust fund, with funds sourced from retiring farmers. The trust fund purchases farms in a share farming arrangement with the aspiring farmer. Profits from the farm operations are shared with the fund and the aspiring farmer, with the aspiring farmer using the profit to purchase the land over time.