Aspiring Farmers


Public farmer profile

Eligible for farm opportunities the flow from Cultivate Farms

Can develop farm investment proposals in the sandbox (Coming Soon)

Cannot submit draft in the sandbox to investors (requires membership)

Part of a movement of aspiring farmers across Australia

Stories of success

Updates on farm opportunities

Tips on how to get farm ready

Eligible for farm opportunities

SALE $150400
Farm Ready
All of Aspiring Farmer Pack plus:

$150 annual membership fee (normally $400) ongoing for those who sign up before marketplace launch (Limited Time Only!)

Can develop and pitch farm acquistion/investment proposals on farms.

We can guarantee that a farm investor will review your pitch

1 phone meeting a year with the Cultivate Farms team to keep you on your farm pathway

Review of your farmer profile

Video interview promoted on our wesbite

Free Mercado market analysis membership (valued at $300 pa)

We help find you great education, training and job opportunities (at discounted rates)

Discounts on partner opportunities

Eligible for competitions and prizes

Retiring Farmers and Investors


Let us know your farming plans and we would love to help you realise them.
If you want to rejuvenate regional Australia then consider donating to us. We will love you forever and any donation over $50 we will get an aspiring farmer to write you a personalised message