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Heirloom Tomato and Garlic Farm

Tasmania – Meander Valley region

The business is a small 5 ha intensive farming enterprise, situated within a 40 ha family-owned farm in Northern Tasmania’s Meander Valley region. The area is cool temperate, subject to heavy frosts, relatively protected from wind, with good average rainfall and reliable water supply. There is capacity to expand the business area beyond the current 5 ha.

The main focus is on the production of heirloom tomatoes and garlic for a range of end uses. The tomatoes and garlic are available to customers at all stages of production – seed, seedlings, fresh and value added, and in a range of settings. While not certified, they are grown using organic and biological practices (supplying to a number of organic outlets). The produce is grown seasonally, in the soil under poly tunnels for protection.

There is a strong customer base in both retail and wholesale, with room for expansion. With almost 300 tomato varieties (150 grown each year), offering the biggest range of heirloom tomato varieties for sale anywhere in Australia (subject to market survey). There is a good selection of cool climate garlic cultivars.

The current business model offers the below products supported by a strong customer base.

FRESH PRODUCE – Tomatoes, garlic, capsicums, eggplants, etc. Wholesale & retail.
TOMATO & OTHER SEEDLINGS – annual retail sale Oct-Nov. Room for expansion to wholesale.
TOMATO & OTHER SEEDS – approx. 300 varieties. Mainly retail online with room for expansion to wholesale.
GARLIC SEED – wholesale to nurseries, and retail.

NOTE: The farm itself is not for sale.

If you are interested in knowing more about this farm business opportunity, please email Amy on to get more information.