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Broad Acre Cropping and Sheep Farm

NSW- Griffith region

​​The farm is 4000 ha of red mallee/pine/box country located in one block North East of Griffith in Southern NSW. Predominantly cropping with opportunity sheep trading when the season and feed supply suit a trade.

They currently grow wheat, barley, canola and field peas/vetch in a simple four year rotation. The windrowing and some grain carting is outsourced.

Other operations include contracting machinery and labour. The machinery and two labour units can comfortably run the the enterprise as it stands today. The farm is part owned by us and the other part approx. 55% is leased from an investor with a long term lease in place. Significant investment has taken place updating sheding, houses, workshop, silos etc.​ 

If you are interested in knowing more, please email Amy on to get more information.