Farm Entrepreneur Investment Ready Program

Cultivator - The World First Farm Ownership Opportunity for Aspiring Farmers

Your Chance to Own Your Farm

  • You want to own your own farm. You have the skills, but you can’t afford it.
  • You sleep, dream, and breathe your passion of owning a farm.
  • You’re a farm entrepreneur, on the journey to farm ownership.
  • Cultivator, an initiative of Cultivate Farms, is a farmer incubator, matching the best next generation aspiring farmers with farm investors to own and operate a farm together.
  • Cultivator has delivered a farm ownership outcome for an aspiring farming family in 2017.
  • Now in 2020, Cultivator has that same farm investor ready to back the best aspiring farmer to co-own a farm with them
  • If you meet the selection criteria and are willing to invest $4,000 plus GST to be part of the program, you have a 1 in 10 chance of owning your own farm.
  • Let’s get you farming!

What is Cultivator?

Cultivator Background

Cultivate Farms established the Cultivator program in 2017 and it is a world- first farm investment incubator.

Over 6 months we help 10 best aspiring farmers develop a farm pitch which will be presented to our investor and any other investor we secure along the way.

During Cultivator we give you the skills and resources to attract investors to go into farm ownership with you. If you are successful, you will form a relationship over a number of months with the investor and then once both parties are comfortable with the farm ownership plan, you will seek your dream farm and purchase it with the investor.

Cultivator Experience

At the end of the 6 months all 10 participants will have developed a:

  1. Farm pitch
  2. Financial model (under different scenarios and 5-year projections)
  3. 3 minute summary pitch video

Investor Requirements

The investor has some specific requirements about how the farm is selected and its ongoing management - details are outlined in Investor Farm Preferences.

In addition the farm must be based in Victoria or NSW

There are no restrictions in the size, enterprise, amount of investment. However, the farm has to be in Victoria or NSW

Apply Now


Own Your Farm.

1 in 10 chance you will be matched with an investor to co-own a farm together. We will be seeking commitment from additional investors in time for the pitch event.


You will have a high quality, investment ready pitch which you can use to pitch to any investor anytime. The Cultivate Farms team work ongoing to help find the best pathway for farm ownership.

Freeland Pork Mentoring.

Regular check in from the first successfully matched farmers Claire and Marc Coates.

Support from Cultivate Farms Team.

Sam Marwood, co-founder, will be with you the whole way to make sure you give this your best shot.

Monthly Webinairs.

Delivered by topic experts, followed up by one on one coaching


Draft farm pitch reviewed by farm investment specialist

Investor feedback.

You final pitch reviewed by the investor and other potential investors


Lifetime Cultivate Farms premium membership.

Free access to P2P platform worth hundreds of dollars

Part of the family.

You become part of the Cultivate Farms family of farms and benefit from our growing impact and attention in the agriculture industry


Farm Entrepreneur.

You live, sleep and breath the desire to own your own farm.

Proven Skills.

You have proven skills in running your own or someone else’s farm – e.g. lease or farm manager.

Full Time.

You are willing to run your co-owned farm full time if you are successful

You want to pitch a farm located in Victoria or NSW (you don’t have to live in Victoria or NSW but are willing to move)

Farm to Pitch.

You have a farm ready to pitch. This farm could either be your family farm, a farm you have been able to get the option to purchase, a farm on the market or a farm not on the market. The aim is to have a real farm that you can develop real numbers and plans for in order to impress the investor. You may or may not be backed onto that particular farm if you are the winner. You will work with the investor to find the best farm depending on your farm’s availability.


You are willing to pay maximum of $4,000 (plus GST) to be a part of the program.

Investing your own Money.

You have investments of your own to put into the arrangement to demonstrate your willingness to share risk and that you have been a good steward of your own money.

Investor Preferences.

You are willing to farm in alignment with the investor’s farm preferences which has a strong focus on improving the environment. Obviously the capacity for every farm to be meet every detail will vary. The main focus is on your intent to align with the requirements and provide suggested alternatives where appropriate.

Online Promotion.

You are willing for Cultivate Farms to promote you on our social media in order to attract more sponsors and open doors for you with investors and retiring farmers.


October 2019- December 2019
On boarding
Select top 10 applicants Each applicant confirms their farm for pitching Applicant homework
Cultivate Farms
February 2020
Kick off
Kick off session with all the farm entrepreneurs via webinar Example pitch and financials Introduction to P2P financial modelling software
Freeland Pork
Your farm business
Unpacking your business operations.
Shine at Business
Financial model
Developing a 5 year financial model
Your brand
Working out how to sell your skills and finding your unique value
Create Business
1st draft review
Develop your first draft for review by investment and farm advisors
All-group webinar
Update based on feedback
Film your 3 minute video
Pitch day
Successful farmer announced
We will hold a pitch event in the in Melbourne where each farmer’s farm pitch document and financials will be reviewed.
The investor, other potential investors and advisors spend a day reviewing proposals and picking the winner.
Cultivate Farms
Ongoing support
Matched farmer and investor secure a farm
Ongoing support to all farm entrepreneurs to work through their ownership plan
Cultivate Farms


How To Apply.

Fill out our online form or contact Sam Marwood Apply Now

We will review and get back in touch about whether you have been accepted into the program.

When do we kick off?

Cultivator will start once we have confirmed 10 farmers who have met the criteria.

Applications due 15 November 2019


Case study.

Our focus is on matching you with the investor to ensure you are aligned in your values which will give the farm arrangements it’s best shot.

If you are the farmer who is matched with the investor then you will be guided by advisors to determine the best arrangement for farm ownership.

A good way to understand what the ownership arrangement could look like is to see what was arranged for our first farm match; Freeland Pork.

Freeland Pork.

There are two entities in the partnership. One entity owns the land and one that owns the business (Freeland Pork).

The business pays a lease to the land owner. This amount increases over time at an agreed amount as the business becomes more profitable and moves from scaling to consolidating.

The investor purchased 100% of the land.

The investor invested into the business to allow it scale and the business entity is now 50% share between both parties. This will not change over time - their aim will be to expand the business together.

The business puts all profits into a savings account with the aim for the business entity to buy the land off the land entity in 3-4 years time. This will be through a combination of debt and savings. In this way, the business entity will have 50/50 ownership of the business and the land. Then both parties will move into an expansion model to grow the business and land footprint even further as deemed best by both parties.

Freeland Pork.

The farmers also get a wage and accommodation.

These arrangements are all documented and signed off, including a land option agreement, lease and shareholders agreement (advised by lawyers)

Cultivate Farms sit as the Chair of the Board and facilitate monthly meetings. They also provide ongoing support and advice to the business including trouble shooting, support with grants, finding expert advisors, social media support, social media magnification, finding media stories, motivation and mentoring and deal negotiation between the parties.


P2P Agri.

P2PAgri is powerful business management software for farmers and their advisers.

With P2PAgri, you can develop key performance trends and benchmarks for your farm business.

You can test plans and decisions with Scenario Analysis to maximise profitability. Plus, you can improve risk management and business resilience to build a more sustainable future.

Shine at Business.

Dianna Jacobsen is the founder and Managing Director of Shine at Business. Dianna helps farmers to shine in their business and personal lives.

Dianna is a specialist business development and financial strategist, combining a background in accountancy, financial planning, business strategic planning and personal empowerment coaching. Her clients range across all industries, shapes and sizes, and their most common challenges include shortfalls in turnover, time, team! Dianna brings together actionable, realistic strategies to overcome their barriers and guide them to new levels of success.

Dianna is a proactive and innovative business professional, focused on creating long-lasting relationships with her clients. She recognises the need to deliver personal, timely, quality advice to her clients and provide cost-effective strategies and solutions.

Create Business

Business and brand strategy need to be aligned to drive commercial value and sustainable advantage. Tamara provides proven consulting expertise to jointly structure your business operations, and define and embed your brand vision from the core, to drive commercial success and consistently deliver on your brand promise. Together, we empower our clients for success, addressing market challenges and creating unique business and brand propositions for lasting success and meaningful connection.


Impact Ag manages land assets and supply-chain production systems on behalf of international and domestic investors.

Impact Ag identifies investment opportunities, conducts due diligence, implements business planning then monitors investor returns.

Impact Ag is a bespoke full-service agribusiness management company. We have over 80 years of combined experience with 8 people managing $150m (AUD) in assets across 67,000 acres in 3 states of Australia, this includes 85,000 head of livestock and 5,000 acres of crops.


Assessment Phase
Ongoing management
1. Climate
In a good location for climate change projections.
Water access and security.
Increase soil carbon through regenerative agriculture
Reduce waste
Efficiently use water
2. Corridors
Is there an opportunity for landscape scale connection.
Are there farm scale corridor opportunities.
Revegetate riparian zones and strategic corridors
Fence off conservation zones
Minimise chemical inputs
3. Creatures
Are there remnant bush areas.
Any key endangered species endemic to the area.
Holistic landscape restoration
Potential for breeding programs
Predator fencing and sanctuaries
4. Community
Is the location close to a supportive community.
Can the project positively contribute to a region.
Education programs
Contribute to the community (donations or sponsorship)
5. Culture
What is the indigenous significance of the location.
Can we partner with local indigenous groups.
Protection of sacred areas
Indigenous land management partnerships where possible
6. Capital
Is the land well priced and in a good area for growth.
Can we increase land value by changing land use.
Is the property under-capitalised.
Investing in infrastructure and capital works
Overall ecosystem restoration
Management that improves land health
7. Cashflow
Strong existing business or core enterprise activity.
Potential to diversify into other businesses if needed.
Access to key regional infrastructure and services.
Talented and passionate management team in place.
Leverage grants, philanthropy and enterprises
Strong governance and culture of entrepreneurship
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