Five tips for selling yourself to investors

Five tips for selling yourself to investors

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Selling yourself at networking opportunities is key to convincing a farmer to back you. To find and secure an investor to co-own a farm, you need to be ready with answers about why you are good enough for them and the farm.


The Cultivator program has a committed farm investor, who is willing to financially support at least one Cultivator participant to co-own their farm.


Here are our five top tips for selling yourself to a farm investor:

1.    Work statistics and numbers into your introduction

Putting statistics or numbers will impress investors. Think of adding numbers like – I have been share farming for five years, or the farm I am pitching has the capacity to run three hundred sheep sustainably or my free-range eggs are in over thirty farmer markets Australia wide. If you can talk return on investment – that is even better.


2.    Peak Curiosity

In your pitch, you need to be able to connect with the 'pain points' of potential investors and peak their curiosity.


The investor who is ready to buy a farm with the best Cultivator participant has shared their investor farm preferences. These preferences or 'pain points' are a good starting point to understand what investors want from co-owning a farm with a farmer.


Here are some you might consider:


They are seeking a good location for climate change projection and water security


There is a demonstrated opportunity to scale – land size, the productivity of land or value-adding


The location of the farm has a supportive community and supply networks


Is there a possibility of increasing the land value with changing or diversifying land use? 

3.    Help other people sell you


Taking leadership roles in your industry or community will help other people know you and your strengths and qualities. Other suggestions you could start an aspiring farmers network in your community or online or even a social network like Farmer Friday Frothies, which Cultivate Farms are encouraging across the country.

4.    Use visual cues


Dress to be memorable and dress in a way that supports your goals as an aspirational farmer - this might not mean a suit or high heels.  Think about working on your appearance to project to everyone you encounter -  that you are ready to co-own a farm and manage all aspects of your farming business.

5.    Make sure your online profile supports your goal to co-own a farm in 2020


Do an online audit of yourself – Google your name and what comes up?


Ask yourself, the questions - How credible is your online profile? What might an investor find about you when they google you? Will they see that you have a Cultivator profile and a Linkedin profile? Or will they find you in compromising images on Facebook from a recent party at your friend's house warming?


Make sure your farmer profile is up to date on the Cultivate Farms website as well.  We do share this information with retiring farmers and investors regularly.


Cultivator gives you the skills and resources to attract investors to go into farm ownership with you. At the end of the six months, all ten participants will have:


  1. A farm pitch
  2. A financial model – with different scenarios and a five-year projection
  3. A three-minute summary pitch video


Applications close for Cultivator on 15 November. For more information visit Cultivator