Pick a farm and get to know it inside out

Pick a farm and get to know it inside out

Cultivate Farms

We think that aspiring farmers are stifled by uncertainty. You don’t know if you will ever get on your own farm, you don’t know what you could ever afford to buy and you don’t know what the exact farm is that you are going to own.


I am here to tell you today just to pick a farm.


Your goal should be to understand a farm inside and out. Why? So that when a real farm ownership opportunity comes your way, you already understand all the things needed to make the farm viable and you will impress the retiring farmer/investor.


When we talk to aspiring farmers we want them to say that they have been doing a business plan on a 1000 hectare property up the road, which they will never own, but they know enough about to get their eye in. We want them to have a draft business plan and budget which shows how they are going to run it, what fixes they’ll make to the land, how they will invest, the returns and the investment they need.


Most farmers will only do this plan when a real farm is right in front of them. But you are way too late by then! You need to be able to work up a plan for a farm in 24 hours and jump onto any opportunity that comes your way.


If you have a farm plan for your ideal farm, then you can quickly edit the words, adjust the figures and have a pretty document ready to impress the retiring farmer/investor.


I know this sounds like a lot of work, but owning a farm is a big ask and a lot of work. But you have between 5:00pm and midnight every night and the weekends and holidays to pull this together. You don’t have an excuse of not enough time. It is just your mindset.


Get out there, find your ideal farm, develop a farm business and and budget, and use that as your foundation to stand out from the rest and fast track you to your real farm.