Know the Business of Farming

Know the Business of Farming

Cultivate Farms
Aspiring farmers, Investors

Claire Coates is the successful co-owner of a farm with an investor.  As the first aspiring farmer to complete the Cultivator Program she understands the business of farming.


“Farming isn’t about pulling on boots and walking out the door – a lot of it is business management,” says Claire.


Over six months, each of the ten Cultivator participants will have access to farm investment and business experts, through a webinar series and one-on-one coaching. You will find that this experience is invaluable in achieving your dream farm - as it is time dedicated to being with farm investment experts understanding and advising you on your specific farming needs and aspirations.


Diana Jacobsen of Shine at Business has designed an audit tool for Cultivator participants. It’s a potent audit tool to assist aspiring farmers in understanding business management requirements for their dream farm. 


Dianna grew up in a farming family in Southern NSW and has spent almost 30 years working with rural families and small businesses to help them create lives of financial empowerment. She now lives on a cattle property in North Eastern Victoria with her husband and two sons. 


Dianna specialises in all aspects of business and personal development and financial strategy, from day-to-day financial, time and staff management, to farm succession planning to partnership dissolution and works with families locally and interstate. 


Dianna works with people to examine their individual and specific needs and then assists them in implementing a realistic action plan to accomplish their goals.


Cultivator gives you the skills and resources to attract investors to go into farm ownership with you. At the end of the six months, all ten participants will have:


  1. A farm pitch
  2. A financial model – with different scenarios and a five-year projection
  3. A three-minute summary pitch video


Applications close for Cultivator on 15 November. For more information visit Cultivator