Farmer Profile

Khristel Szczygiel

Khristel Szczygiel

 Mulgoa NSW 2745, Australia
 New South Wales
West NSW, South East Queensland, North East NSW, South East NSW, Canberra, Riverina, North East Vic, North West Vic
 Dorper Sheep stud breeder Diesel Mechanic
 4-6 Years

Farming Preferences:

1 = no skill level, 4 = most skill level

  • Sheep 4
  • Mixed Farming 3
  • Horse Breeding 2
  • Market garden 1
  • Sugar Cane 1
  • Chickens 1
  • Pig Farming 1
  • Goats 1
  • Cotton 1
  • Beef 1
  • Viticulture 1
  • Other livestock 1
  • Specialty Crops 1
  • Dairy 1
  • Broad Acre Cropping 1
  • Orchard 1
  • Rice 1
  • Aquaculture 1
  • Other Farming Preferences: We would prefer to expand our current enterprise with our Dorper sheep genetics.

Farming Skills:

1 = no skill level, 4 = most skill level

  • Business Management 4
  • Livestock Mustering 4
  • Marketing 4
  • Animal Husbandry 4
  • Sales 4
  • Machinery Operation 4
  • Planning 4
  • Fencing 4
  • Book Keeping 4
  • Human Resources 3
  • Cropping 2
  • Accounting 2
  • Agronomy 2
  • Orcharding 1
  • Other Farming Skills: None

Farming Methods:

1 = no skill level, 4 = most skill level

  • Conventional 4
  • Regenerative 4
  • Grass fed 3
  • Urban 1
  • Organic 1
  • Biodynamic 1
  • Permaculture 1
  • Other Farming Methods: Holistic

Farm Opportunities Sought:

  • Lease

What have you been doing to get farm ready?

We have been selectively purchasing and breeding stud Dorper sheep for the past few year. In 2018 we purchased a T5 Dorper ram from a stud in Western Australia so we can bring in excellent values to our flocks future progeny. We these our new lines, we have had main inquires to purchase sheep. However due to only having small numbers we want to expand our business with Cultivate Farms.

Why are you passionate about farming?

Farming has been a big part our lives. We both grew up around farming animals such as; chickens, ducks, dogs, sheep and horses. Over the years we have grown to love the Dorper sheep breed, due to there high drought tolerance, adaptability, high fertility, excellent mothering skills and low maintenance. We have been a part of the Dorper sheep society Australia for a few years and have met such wonderful people that also help push us to pursue greater things both within the society and on the farm. We are both also passionate about holistic, regenerative, sustainable and technical (growing to try new farming techniques) farming. We want to show that farming does not come with ruining the land, but helping to regenerate it. Farming is the way of the future.

Best days of being a farmer:

Our dream farm is ideally in the Central West Region of NSW. However, our two main ideal sources from the farm would be water and fertile farming land that is easy to crop. We would be happy to expand our horizons to places in both South East Queensland and Northern Victoria regions as long as the properties are able to be used for an immediate start. Due to the drought being ongoing for the past few years, our dream farm is ideally a property that is self sufficient and able to tolerate time during drought. We currently run a small Stud Dorper sheep farm and have experience running sheep prior to our current business. We aim to have a holistic approach to our farming techniques and would like to use a pasture cropping plan to make full use of our farming business. On the best of days, we focus on way to improve our breed, feeding and handling techniques. Our aim for our farming business is to never stop learning. Agriculture is a growing industry, and we want to continue to grow and be a part of it.