Farmer Profile

Benam Underwood

Benam Underwood

 Surat QLD 4417, Australia
West Queensland, South East Queensland
 Contract Mustering, Grazier
 10-15 Years

Farming Preferences:

1 = no skill level, 4 = most skill level

  • Beef 4
  • Horse Breeding 3
  • Sheep 2
  • Broad Acre Cropping 2
  • Market garden 1
  • Sugar Cane 1
  • Other livestock 1
  • Pig Farming 1
  • Goats 1
  • Cotton 1
  • Viticulture 1
  • Chickens 1
  • Specialty Crops 1
  • Dairy 1
  • Orchard 1
  • Rice 1
  • Other Farming Preferences: None

Farming Skills:

1 = no skill level, 4 = most skill level

  • Livestock Mustering 4
  • Fencing 4
  • Animal Husbandry 4
  • Business Management 3
  • Book Keeping 3
  • Planning 3
  • Machinery Operation 3
  • Human Resources 2
  • Marketing 2
  • Agronomy 2
  • Accounting 2
  • Cropping 2
  • Sales 1
  • Orcharding 1
  • Other Farming Skills: None

Farming Methods:

1 = no skill level, 4 = most skill level

  • Conventional 4
  • Grass fed 4
  • Urban 1
  • Organic 1
  • Biodynamic 1
  • Regenerative 1
  • Permaculture 1
  • Other Farming Methods: None

Farm Opportunities Sought:

  • Equity
  • Lease
  • Vendor Finance

What have you been doing to get farm ready?

Growing up on a family owned and operated cattle property in South West Queensland, I have always had a hands-on involvement in a farm business. Additionally, since graduating Year 12 I have completed Certificates in Agriculture, worked in various and diverse beef grazing businesses to broaden my contact and knowledge base, as well as had my own contracting business for over 5 years. As of recent I have started a Diploma in Agribusiness Management to increase my knowledge relating to the analytical, reporting, decision-making and management processes within a business. This in conjunction with having already started a grazing business which has given me a better insight and experience into the factors affecting profit, cashflow, structure and the running of a successful enterprise.

Why are you passionate about farming?

While farming offers a wide array of unique challenges, at the same time it is unbelievably rewarding. Due to the fact beef is a staple commodity in which demand is only expected to grow (due to a growing population), I have confidence there are ever presenting opportunities for lateral thinking people who have a genuine zest for agriculture. This confidence in the market coupled with rewarding business opportunities ignites my passion to further gain a foothold in this ever-developing industry. While I appreciate and apply traditional farming techniques, I am inspired by innovation and implementing more efficient and productive practices which creates a high-quality product encouraging consumer confidence.

Best days of being a farmer:

In the future I envisage operating a beef cattle enterprise in the south west area of Queensland, due to the close-proximity of buying and selling markets. The developed red loam and brigalow soils would assist in high weight gain and turn-over of cattle into a niche market promoting branded beef article that is backed by consumer confidence. While no two days are ever the same the most enjoyable ones would consist of mustering and handling cattle to record weights and aid in managing cattle and grass inventories using KLR Marketing principles. Usually this would be followed by general maintenance and infrastructure improvements adding to the viability of the operation. I’d also immensely enjoy maintaining client relations at the consumer end of the supply chain and conversing regularly to monitor business outlooks and anticipate developing markets and ideas.