Farmer Profile

Marco Stazi

Marco Stazi

 Cammeray NSW 2062, Australia
 New South Wales
West NSW, North East NSW, Northern NSW, South East NSW
 Software Developer
 6-10 Years

Farming Preferences:

1 = no skill level, 4 = most skill level

  • Market garden 4
  • Chickens 4
  • Specialty Crops 4
  • Mixed Farming 4
  • Pig Farming 3
  • Goats 3
  • Sheep 3
  • Viticulture 3
  • Orchard 3
  • Other livestock 2
  • Beef 2
  • Aquaculture 2
  • Horse Breeding 1
  • Sugar Cane 1
  • Cotton 1
  • Dairy 1
  • Rice 1
  • Broad Acre Cropping 1
  • Other Farming Preferences: None

Farming Skills:

1 = no skill level, 4 = most skill level

  • Business Management 4
  • Human Resources 4
  • Marketing 4
  • Sales 4
  • Planning 4
  • Orcharding 3
  • Accounting 3
  • Cropping 3
  • Animal Husbandry 3
  • Machinery Operation 3
  • Agronomy 2
  • Book Keeping 2
  • Fencing 2
  • Livestock Mustering 1
  • Other Farming Skills: None

Farming Methods:

1 = no skill level, 4 = most skill level

  • Organic 4
  • Regenerative 4
  • Grass fed 4
  • Biodynamic 3
  • Permaculture 3
  • Urban 2
  • Conventional 2
  • Other Farming Methods: None

Farm Opportunities Sought:

  • Equity
  • Lease
  • Share Farm
  • Vendor Finance

What have you been doing to get farm ready?

Grew up on a farm in Italy, my wife grew up on a farm in Thailand. When I was young I used to get involved in all farm chores (chickens, viticulture, vegetables garden, olives, orchard). Later in life I became interested in aquaculture and aquaponics and I've kept ornamental fish as a hobby. In recent years I have acquired significant experience managing human resources in larger companies and also managing my own businesses, I believe some of those skills are transferable into farming.

Why are you passionate about farming?

I grew up on a farm in Italy, we produced most of the food we were eating: veggies, chicken meat, chicken eggs, fruit, nuts, wine, olive oil. To this day, I can't quite get used to supermarket food. I used to eat most of my summer meals under a pergola of Pizzutello grapes. I learned to drive a tractor long before I drove a car for the first time. Farming is in my blood. Life has brought me onto a different path but I would like to go back to farming. I like the idea of self sufficiency, I like tinkering, I like to be able to fix or improve stuff, I'm a bit of a jack of all trades.

Best days of being a farmer:

My dream farm would be a farm that follows regenerative practices, with market garden and pastured chickens as main business focus. In addition to farming as a business, I would like to do a bit of homesteading on the side (e.g. veggie patch, a couple pigs, small scale aquaponics).