Farmer Profile

Joeb Mactaggart

Joeb Mactaggart

 Perth, Southern WA
 Western Australia
Perth, Southern WA, East WA, North WA, North West WA
 Spray operator/ farm hand at powerace 2ci at farmac and mc Owner and boss of macros farms
 10-15 Years

Farming Preferences:

1 = no skill level, 4 = most skill level

  • Specialty Crops 4
  • Broad Acre Cropping 4
  • Sheep 3
  • Beef 3
  • Other livestock 3
  • Goats 2
  • Market garden 1
  • Chickens 1
  • Dairy 1
  • Viticulture 1
  • Other Farming Preferences: None

Farming Skills:

1 = no skill level, 4 = most skill level

  • Sales 4
  • Cropping 4
  • Machinery Operation 4
  • Livestock Mustering 3
  • Human Resources 3
  • Marketing 3
  • Agronomy 3
  • Planning 3
  • Fencing 3
  • Animal Husbandry 3
  • Business Management 2
  • Book Keeping 2
  • Accounting 2
  • Orcharding 1
  • Other Farming Skills: None

Farming Methods:

1 = no skill level, 4 = most skill level

  • Conventional 4
  • Organic 2
  • Biodynamic 2
  • Permaculture 2
  • Urban 1
  • Regenerative 1
  • Grass fed 1
  • Other Farming Methods: None

Farm Opportunities Sought:

  • Equity

What have you been doing to get farm ready?

for me to become farm ready I have been working and contacting to try and get as many skills as I can and I have also made a lot of friends in the ag sector from dealers to agrows to developers of seed and fertiliser

Why are you passionate about farming?

The reason I'm passionate about farming is that farming is in my blood every day when you wake up theres a new adventure you have no idea on what mother nature is going to do you have no idea what grain price are are going to be weather are you gonna have a good season or bad. And you don't know when it's gonna rain or be dry. Challenges drive passion and passion drives belief And once you believe in me like I believe in myself nothing will stop us

Best days of being a farmer:

I would love to be able to farm in the grain wheat belt of Western Australia and run a wall to Wall program of cereal and legumes. And maybe to livestock in the future. It's very hard to explain best days On a farm to anyone because we all see it different but for me it's when you know you have done everything right and now your just waiting for Mother Nature